Based on the GRGMR( Goals > Roles > Gaps > Maps > Results ) model illustrated, I-MATE will perform the following services that are designed to identify and create the task-based curriculum.
  1. Job Task Analysis (JTA)
  2. Learner Analysis (LA)
  3. Task-to-Training Analysis (TTA)
Job Task Analysis
Today, organizations need to ensure that employees are empowered with appropriate training whenever there are new processes, or when job performance is below standards. A job task analysis is the basis for creating and delivering effective training programs to achieve the requisite performance goals. For any role in your organization, I-MATE team will work with you to arrive at the following:
  1. A validated task list for the job role
  2. A validated list of work elements that make up each task
  3. Competency list: That is the knowledge and skill required to perform each task
  4. The level of competency required to perform each task
  5. Description of the job role
This exercise is carried out with employees by conducting an in-person/phone interview and through questionnaires or surveys. The outcome lays the foundation for curriculum development.

Learner Analysis
Learner Analysis is carried out by I-MATE consultants to identify and profile the learners with regard to the following:
  1. Learners’ prior skills and knowledge
  2. Prerequisite skills and knowledge
  3. Educational levels
  4. Learners preference with regard to learning
  5. Learner motivation

Task-to-Training Analysis
I-MATE has considerable expertise in task to training analysis, which can aid enterprises in creating a task-based curriculum for training. During this process, I-MATE will create a list of learning objectives mapped to the tasks. In addition, I-MATE will analyze the existing learning content and reuse the relevant ones for training. During this exercise, I-MATE will also identify potential courses that do not exist and help in creating new courses to meet the training objectives. The output will be a comprehensive matrix of task, curriculum, and learning objectives mapped to the overall training needs of the organization.
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